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At Hairmasters Hair Salon, we know that hair colour can make a big impact on your overall look. That's why our team of expert hair specialists are here to help you find the perfect tone that enhances your natural beauty and complements your unique complexion.

Our professional colourists are highly skilled and use only top-quality brands like Keune and Schwarzkopf to ensure you get the best results possible. We take pride in selecting tones that allow your personality to shine through your hair, making you feel confident and beautiful. Trust us to help you achieve the perfect hair colour that will leave you feeling fabulous.

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Hair Colour Prices & Packages

Hair Colouring

  • Highlight Full $150

  • Highligh Partial $100+

  • Ombre $300+

  • California Highlight $200+

Hair Colour Services in Mississauga

Full Head Colour

If you're looking to switch up your hair game, a full head colour service might be just what you need! During this process, your stylist will dye all of your hair from root to tip, creating a completely new look. Before getting started, you'll have a chat with your stylist about what colour you're after and any hair concerns you may have.

Balayage Hair Colour

Balayage hair colour is a hair colouring technique that creates a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect by applying hair colour in a freehand, sweeping motion. The term "balayage" comes from the French word for "sweeping" or "painting."

Unlike traditional hair colouring techniques that involve uniform application of hair colour throughout the hair, balayage involves applying the hair colour to select sections of the hair in a way that mimics the way the sun would naturally lighten the hair.

The process of balayage hair colour typically involves sectioning the hair and applying hair colour to the hair using a freehand technique, without the use of foils or other tools. The hair colour is applied to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, creating a natural-looking, blended effect that transitions seamlessly from darker roots to lighter ends.

Full Highlights

Full highlights is a fun and trendy hair colouring technique that can brighten up your look! During the process, lighter strands of colour are added throughout your entire head of hair, from roots to ends. The result can be customized to your preferences, ranging from a natural, sun-kissed look to a bold and dramatic style.

Partial Highlights

Partial highlights are a hair colouring technique that allows lighter strands of colour to be added to specific sections of hair rather than the entire head. This technique is ideal for adding depth, dimension, and brightness to specific areas of the hair. The hairstylist will divide the hair into sections and select certain strands to highlight, typically weaving them in thin or thick sections based on the client's natural hair colour and desired outcome. Foils may also be used to create a more defined result and separate the highlighted strands from the rest of the hair.

Hair Colour Correction

Colour correction is a hair colouring service that can help to correct hair colour mistakes, such as an unwanted colour, patchiness, or uneven colouring. It's a great option for those who have had a DIY hair colouring mishap or have received unsatisfactory results from a previous salon visit.

Root Touch Up

If you're looking to cover up new hair growth or gray hairs that have become visible at the roots, a root touch up might be just what you need! This technique is typically used to extend the time between full hair colouring services, saving you time and money in the long run.


One of the best things about root touch up is that it only focuses on the roots of your hair, rather than your entire head of hair. This means it can help to reduce the damage that can be caused by frequent hair colouring treatments.

Air Touch Highlights

AirTouch highlights is a hair colouring technique that creates a beautiful, natural-looking blend of highlights and lowlights throughout the hair using a freehand painting method. It was developed by the talented hair colourist, Guy Tang.

During an AirTouch session, the hair is divided into sections and the dye is applied in a feathered or diffused pattern using a brush, sponge, or even fingers. The colours are then blended together, creating a gradient effect that looks soft and sun-kissed.

Grey Hair Blending

Grey hair blending is a hair colouring technique that can help create a natural and youthful look by blending grey or white hair with your natural hair colour. This option is popular for those who are starting to go grey or already have a significant amount of grey hair but don't want to completely cover it up.

Red Hair Colour

Red hair colouring is a popular hair colouring technique that involves adding red pigment to the hair to create a vibrant, bold, and eye-catching look. There are many different shades of red hair colour, ranging from bright and fiery to rich and deep.

The process of red hair colouring typically involves the use of a permanent or semi-permanent hair dye, which is mixed with a developer and applied to the hair. The hair is then left to process for a certain amount of time, depending on the desired level of vibrancy and the natural hair colour of the client.

Ombre Hair Colour

Ombre hair colour is a popular hair colouring technique that involves blending two or more colours together to create a gradient effect from dark to light. The word "ombre" comes from the French word for "shade" or "shadow."

The ombre hair colour technique typically involves a gradual transition from darker roots to lighter ends, although there are many variations and styles to choose from. The colour transition can be subtle or bold, and can be applied to any hair length or texture.

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