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Hair extensions add fullness or length to natural hair, making them ideal for people who want a fuller or longer hairstyle. Natural hair extensions are very popular due to their convenience, ease of use, and durability. Hairmasters Salon in Mississauga provides top-of-the-line hair extensions in a wide range of colours, textures, and forms to suit any hairstyle. We'll work together to find the perfect hair to complement your own for a stunning look.

Type of Hair Extensions We Offer

Keratin Capsules Hair Extensions

Capsule hair extensions are a popular technology because they have a very natural appearance. The essence of these extensions is that they attach to the hair with small capsules and are extremely convenient. Although the procedure is more time-consuming than tape-in extensions, the results are worthwhile and long-lasting.

The Microcapsule Keratin Hair Extensions are an innovative method that uses capsules of very small sizes that are hardly visible. 

Keratin Hair Extensions use a non-damaging keratin adhesive to bond to your natural hair. The technician simply melts the adhesive and uses a special heat tool to fuse the extensions in place. Because keratin extensions are manufactured with high-quality human hair, they tend to look incredibly natural and attractive.


Tape-in Hair Extensions

The advantage of this technique is that it allows for quick insertion and removal. Tape-in hair extensions are semi-permanent, lasting 6 to 12 weeks. It's ideal for clients who want to add volume to their hair. Tape-in hair extensions are an excellent option for those with short hair who do not want to wait for their hair to grow out.

Tape-in hair extensions are invisible to the naked eye, reusable, comfortable, and, best of all, they do not harm natural hair. However, they must be installed by professionals to avoid damage, breakage, and falling out.

Tape-in hair extensions necessitate a lot of upkeep on the client's part to ensure they last up to 12 weeks.

Hair technicians in Mississauga recommend using sulfate-free shampoos before and after installation, as well as avoiding chemical treatments. The hair, on the other hand, can be styled in a ponytail, bun, or any other hairstyle.


Removing Hair Extensions

Removing hair Tape-in Hair Extensions and  Keratin Hair Extensions is not possible without professional help. Mississauga’s team has years of experience in making certain that hair doesn’t get damaged with the removal of extensions.


Hair Extension Maintenance Tips

To make sure the extensions last as long as possible, Hairmasters's salon staff share the best practices when it comes to maintenance.

  • Avoid rubbing your scalp during washing, as it can disrupt the effectiveness of the capsule or tape.
  • Keep your extensions untangled by combining them properly with a hair extension brush, preferably when the hair is dry. 
  • Before sleeping at night, braid your extensions and make sure they are not wet.
  • Do not use oil/serums/conditioner directly on your scalp. Condition/oil them from mid to hair end so that they cannot contact with capsule or tape.
  • Avoid direct use of flat iron to your tape tabs and capsules. This may deteriorate the bond and your extension may slip out.

Natural Hair Extensions FAQs

How long do proper hair extensions last?

Keratin Capsule Hair Extensions can last up to 6 months if properly installed and maintained. If you take proper care of them, you may use them for a year. Tape-in Hair Extensions will last 4 to 6 months if properly maintained at the salon every 6 weeks.

Can you wash your hair with extensions?

Yes, you can wash your extensions the same way you would your natural hair. Simply shampoo them (preferably with a sulfate-free shampoo), condition them, and then apply a hydrating mask. When washing your hair with extensions, avoid using circular motions with your hands as this can tangle your hair.

Can extensions grow your hair?

When installed by a trained hair professional, extensions can aid in the growth of your natural hair. Extensions protect your natural hair by shielding it from heat and hair styling serums, as the majority of these chemicals will be exposed to extensions. 

How much do hair extensions typically cost?

Depending on the type of extension you choose, the cost of a hair extension can range from $100 to $1,000. Non-permanent hair extensions (tape-in) range in price from $100 to $200, while professional permanent extensions cost between $600 and $1,000. This hair extension cost is a combination of the hair cost and the installation cost.

How often should you buy new hair extensions?

Tape-in extensions typically last 6 to 8 weeks, while microcapsule extensions last 6 months. Synthetic extensions typically last a few months, whereas human hair extensions can last up to a year if properly cared for.

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