Hair Botox Treatment 

What is Hair Botox and How Does it Work?

Hair Botox treatment is a conditioning treatment and has a natural formula that helps in restructuring damaged hairs. It is a miracle treatment where cell regeneration occurs. It works on the principle of Botox as it works on wrinkled skin. It provides life to your hair and helps in re-formulating the hair volume a person lost during any treatment. It also repairs those hairs that are damaged due to everyday styling, coloring, or straightening at high temperatures.

However, it does not make your hair straight. If your preference is deep nourishment of your hair and not to make the hair straight, then Hair Botox is the best choice. Hair Botox works by coating each hair strand and fills in broken areas to give a lustrous look. It also regulates the oil and dryness of the scalp. 

Hair Botox Before and After

hair botox before and after

Hair Botox treatment involves a powerful combination of nourishing ingredients like:

Amino Acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Collagen complex and Glyoxylic acidÂ.

Hair Botox Treatment Cost

  • Above Shoulder $150

  • Shoulder Length $200

  • Below Shoulder $250

  • Bra Line Length $300

  • Waist Length $350+

How Long Does Hair Botox Last?

This treatment can persist for 2 to 3 months and is suitable for every hair type either it is curly or straight, blonde or grey, thick or thin.

Keratin Treatment Mississauga

Keratin treatment, also known as Brazilian keratin, is a chemical and cosmetic procedure used to straighten your hair almost 100 percent. It provides your hair with the protein that you might have lost due to different chemical treatments or aging. It makes your naturally curly or wavy hair shiny and straighter. However, Keratin does not repair your hair, as the treatment does not penetrate to the cortical layer of hair as Nanoplastia do. Unlike rebonding, keratin treatment does not cause alteration in the chemical structure of hair but makes hair manageable and glossy. Keratin is suitable for thick hair, but if you intend to go for highlights, we do not recommend Keratin. This treatment makes your frizzy, dry, and damaged hair incredibly soft and smooth that can last for 4 to 6 months. 

However, the presence of formaldehyde in Keratin products makes many customers unsatisfied as it is considered a carcinogenic chemical. But, there is good news for them. Such Keratin treatment is now available that is formaldehyde-free. So if you want a safe treatment, search about those kinds of treatments before going to the salon. Keep it in your mind that their results may be less effective than that of formaldehyde-containing keratin treatment. 

Find out the difference between keratin treatment and hair botox to decide which one if right for you. 

H-Detox prime

H-Detox prime is a professional treatment that moisturizes the hair strands from root to end. It also minimizes oil from the hair root and repairs the damaged hair using different physical, chemical, and mechanical processes. It has natural active ingredients that detoxify your hair using lemon, cucumber, and apple extracts, providing brightness and flexibility to your hair. It also protects against UV rays and recovers your hair. H-Detox prime is suitable for every type of hair. It can restore hair damage, which occurs due to any intense chemical treatment. You can avail this treatment once a week or after every 15 days depending upon your hair need.

What is Nanoplastia?

Nanoplastia is the healing process that involves hair restoration. It is a proven method that provides silky straight and healthy hair. This procedure is a mixture of Hair Botox and Keratin treatment. The main constituents of nanoplastia’s product are the blend of collagens, amino acids, and tannin acids. The resulting hair is soft, frizz-free, silky, and shiny. These constituents contain harmless chemicals that penetrate into the hair to provide maximum benefit and interact with the cortical layer of hair. By penetrating into the hair, nutrients are integrated, making hair structure strong and heal the hair from inside. Nanoplastia straightens 70 to 90 percent of your hair, unlike Hair Botox. This treatment is free of formaldehyde means there will be no unpleasant smell during the treatment. If maintained well, it can last up to 6 months.

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Hair Botox Treatment Prices

Hair Botox

  • Above Shoulder $150

  • Shoulder Length $200

  • Below Shoulder $250

  • Bra Line Length $300

  • Waist Length $350+


  • Above Shoulder $200

  • Shoulder Length $250

  • Below Shoulder $300

  • Bra Line Length $350

  • Waist Length $400+


  • Above Shoulder $250

  • Shoulder Length $300

  • Below Shoulder $350

  • Bra Line Length $400

  • Waist Length $450+

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