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At the full-service hair salon, Hairmasters, located in Mississauga, professional stylists take pride in providing trendy and modern hair cut styles for women, men, and children at affordable prices. Before each hair service, the reputable team of Rockwood mall’s hair salon analyses the client’s hair and advises on the best steps for every individual, as no hair, personality, or needs are the same. The tailored consultation is followed by a haircut using top hair styling products and completed with complimentary recommendations for hair care at home. Whether you are looking for a quick trim or full hair styling service, Hairmasters's hair stylists are here to provide the best salon experience for you. After fresh hair cut, we would be happy to style your hair, so you can walk out feeling fabulous

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   Hair Cut Prices

Women Hair Cut

$30 and up

Men Hair Cut

$20 and up

Wash and Blow Dry --- $40 and up

Cut and Colour ---- $80 and up

Teen's Hair cut --- $30 and up

Kid's Hair cut --- $15 and up


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short hair cut by hairmasters hair salon
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men hair cut by hairmasters hair salon
men hair cut mississauga by hairmasters hair salon

Hair Cut Styles for Women

Short hairstyles differ in length and form much like the shapes of faces they frame. Women shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, as it only takes a couple of months for the hair to grow out. Whether the hair is curly or straight, there are hundreds of different haircuts that the Hairmasters Salon team can recommend. 

The most popular cute hairstyles for short hair are:

a pixie - one of the classics that looks amazing on anyone and requires very low maintenance 

a pixie with bangs - for those that want a little edge, a pixie with longer bangs is the way to go

a pompadour - a retro look that is still trendy

an undercut - a hairstyle that is low-maintenance suited for the daring women

a shag - a haircut ideal for slightly wavy hair 

a bob -  a traditional, elegant look suited for women of any age 

Haircuts for long hair are virtually limitless. It accentuates natural beauty and femininity by making any woman look younger. Mississauga’s hair team can accommodate any wish, including:

layered long hair - without letting go of length, layers are a perfect way to make a change

haircuts with bangs - bangs frame the face while the long locks give it allure

a long bob (lob) - apart from making anyone look sophisticated, it is easy to maintain with just a quick blowout 

a long shag - this haircut provides volume to long hair making it look ample and full

Hair Cut Styles for Men

Mississauga’s hair salon can do a quick trim between services or clients can indulge in a creative cut and small spa-like treatment. Short hair requires meticulousness, a clean line and precision that the skilled hands of the hair technicians guarantee.

Hair Cut Styles for Kids

When it’s time for the youngsters to have a haircut, trust Hairmasters Hair Salon for the perfect solution. Apart from being knowledgable in the latest trends that will make kids popular, the team is dedicated to making this a stress-free and enjoyable experience for all boys and girls.

Wash, Cut, Blow

To begin a haircutting process, clients are shampooed and treated with a relaxing scalp massage. Haircutting is a series of techniques performed on wet hair followed by drying to see how it falls on its own without a brush, wicker, straightener and other hair styling tools. After drying, it is further reviewed and personalized to get a hairstyle tailored to a specific hair type and face shape.

Hairstyles with bangs: 

Hairstyles with bangs are timeless and everyone can pull them off. The idea of bangs doesn’t have to be a daunting commitment, as the team can recommend the best hairstyle with bangs that will suit the clients face, personal style and lifestyle.

Hairstyles for thin hair:

For the clients with thinner hair, choosing a hairstyle that adds volume to their natural hair is crucial. Mississauga's hair technicians can present their clients with a variety of hairstyles that give their hair a voluminous look while respecting their unique style and face shape.

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I am a loyal client of  Hair Masters and Svetlana since 2011. Frankly speaking from the beginning I had a few attempts to find a better master but I always happily came back to her. Friendly and professional team . Svetlana is always open for suggestions and she is the best to achieve your expectations for colour-thru hair dye. Under new management, the studio looks charming and welcoming. An extensive choice of new products is definitely a big bonus! Ask Olesya and you will get professional advice with a lovely smile!

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