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Your Perfect Haircut in Mississauga

Professional hairdressers at Hairmasters Hair Salon in Mississauga take pride in providing trendy and modern haircuts for women, men, and children at reasonable prices in Mississauga. Before each hair service, the reputable team at Rockwood mall's hair salon analyzes the client's hair and advises on the best steps for each individual, as no hair, personality, or needs are alike. The tailored consultation is followed by a haircut and home hair care recommendations. We would be happy to style your hair after a new haircut so you can walk out feeling fabulous.

Haircut Prices & Packages

Women's Haircut

  • Women's Short Haircut $40+

  • Women's Mid Haircut $50+

  • Women's Long Haircut $55+

  • Senior Women's Short Haircut $45+

  • Bob Haircut & Style $60+

  • Haircut & Style (Long) $80+

  • Wash, Cut, Blow (Long) $80+

  • Wash, Cut, Blow (Mid) $50+

  • Wash, Cut, Blow (Long) $80+

  • Children's Haircut $20+

  • Hairstyling $30+

Men's Haircut

  • Men's Buzz Cut $25+

  • Men's Cut only $30

short haircut for women

Women's Haircut Mississauga

Hairstyles vary in length and shape, much like the faces they frame. We offer a wide range of haircuts for various hair types and personal tastes. Whether the hair is curly or straight, the Hairmasters Salon team can recommend hundreds of different haircuts.


Short Haircuts for Women


Short hairstyles differ in length and form much like the shapes of faces they frame. Women shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, as it only takes a couple of months for the hair to grow out. Whether the hair is curly or straight, there are many short haircuts that the Hairmasters Salon team can recommend.


Bob Cut Styles 

A Bob Cut is a traditional, elegant look suited for women of any age.

What are the different types of bobs?

There are many different bob varieties, including A-line bobs, stacked bobs, inverted bobs, layered bobs, classic bobs, concave bobs, blunt bobs, and lobs, which is short for long bob.


Pixie Cut Style 

A pixie is a timeless style that looks great on everyone and is pretty low. For those who want to add a little edge, a pixie with longer bangs is the way to go. We are your best hair salon for pixie cut in Mississauga. 


Short cut with Soft Bangs

The most common short hairstyles, such as pixie cuts, bobs, and countless alterations of these two, look fantastic with bangs. Blunt bangs, straight bangs, wavy bangs, thick or thin bangs, long bangs, short bangs and side bangs all look great with short hair!


Long Haircuts for Women

Many long hairstyles are popular right now, including multi-layered mix, U-cut, and long layered ombre. At our Mississauga salon, we would be delighted to provide any of the modern long hairstyles.


Subtly Layered Cut

A delicate finish is achieved by layering from just above the ends. This style is ideal for females with longer hair who can't bear to part with their locks. It's a win-win since you preserve your length while gaining some form.


Questions Asked About Women's Haircuts:

  • What face shape is suitable for a bob haircut?

There isn't just one type of bob; our stylists can customize and personalize the look by adding different angles, layers, fringe, and more to flatter your face shape. We keep the bob haircut on the longer side  for heart-shaped faces, adding weight to the hair at the jawline and width with flicks or fullness at the bottom of the cut. The best bob for a round face, in our opinion, should fall just below the chin. Women with oval face shapes can style their bob haircut in any way, whether blunt, short, or long.

  • What type of hair should be layered?

Layers are recommended for thick hair types to help lighten the hair and add flow. For someone with thin hair types, light layers might be an option to maintain the thickness at the ends. 

  • Which is better U-Cut or V-Cut

If you are looking for more movement and flow, V-Cut should be your choice. The U-cut, on the other hand, is a more subdued and equal-length option.

  • What is the best haircut for thin hair?

When you have thin hair and the problem is a lack of volume, a haircut that adds volume is the way to go. A blunt cut will make thin hair appear thicker, and a pixie cut will make thin hair feather-light and much more manageable for styling.

  • What is the hair cutting process at Hairmasters Hair Salon?

To begin a haircutting process, clients are shampooed and treated with a relaxing scalp massage. Haircutting is a series of techniques performed on wet hair followed by drying to see how it falls on its own without a brush, wicker, straightener and other hair styling tools. After drying, it is further reviewed and personalized to get a hairstyle tailored to a specific hair type and face shape.


Men's Haircut Mississauga

Mississauga’s hair salon can do a quick trim or indulge in a creative cut and small spa-like treatment. Short hair requires meticulousness, a clean line and precision that the skilled hands of the hair technicians guarantee.

Kids Haircut in Mississauga

When it’s time for the youngsters to have a haircut, trust Hairmasters Hair Salon for the perfect solution. Apart from being knowledgable in the latest trends that will make kids popular, the team is dedicated to making this a stress-free and enjoyable experience for all boys and girls.

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