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Hair Botox vs Keratin – Which is right for you?

Two popular treatments that are quite the buzz in the haircare industry – hair botox & keratin – can leave you wondering what’s the difference between them and which one is right for you! Although hair botox and keratin are treatments to infuse healthy shine, luster, and smoothness into your hair, they differ significantly.

If you want to break it down to get a clear understanding of the difference between hair botox & keratin to decide which treatment will bring back the sensual shine and softness of your hair, read on!

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What Is Hair Botox? How Does It Work?
Keratin Treatments – How Do They Work?
What Is The Difference Between Hair Botox And Keratin?
How Long Does Each Treatment Last?

What Is Hair Botox? How Does It Work?

Unlike what the term sounds like, hair botox is not a chemical treatment of the hair using botulinum toxins. There are no chemicals involved in hair botox.

Yes, you heard that right! Hair botox is a chemical-free treatment used to redo the effects of stress and heat that have caused damage to your hair, like broken hair fibers, excessive dryness, and dullness. This treatment helps to infuse moisture into your hair strands using a concentrate whose main ingredients are caviar oil, vitamin E, B5, and collagen complex.

The effects of hair botox are pretty instant, and you will find your hair feeling healthier, softer, and shinier right after the treatment. The deep conditioning technique used in hair botox reconstructs your hair shafts by repairing the breakages and gaps, making them stronger, less frizzy, and overall great-looking.

What Does Botox Do to Your Hair?

The primary purpose of hair botox treatment is to give your hair an instant, healthy boost, but without harsh chemicals that can have long-term adverse side effects. If you aim to combat frizz and make your hair look youthful again, hair botox is the way to go. It provides anti-aging benefits to your hair, adding shine and smoothness to your proud mane.

What is the Application Process for Hair Botox?

To begin with, your hairdresser will wash your hair to clear out any residues on your scalp and help open up the cuticles. Then the hair botox concentrate (mainly containing proteins, lipids, amino acids, and vitamins) is applied to your hair and left on for about 45 minutes to work its magic. Afterward, your hair will be washed off with a sulfate-free shampoo and blow-dried.

Keratin Treatments – How Do They Work?

Equally famous for restoring shine and softness and combating frizz, keratin treatment (also called Brazilian blow-dry) uses specific chemicals (main formaldehyde) to fill in the gaps and repair breakages in your hair shafts. Your hair build-up constitutes keratin proteins that get eroded over time and with harsh treatments, leaving gaps or pores in your hair shafts. Keratin treatment infuses keratin protein back into your hair where it belongs, making your hair smoother, shinier, and youthful.

Is a Keratin Treatment Good for Your Hair?

Although both hair botox and keratin treatments give similar results, keratin treatment focuses more on straightening your hair to reduce the styling time daily. After the treatment, your hair will have a healthy shine, softness, and straightened effect, giving you respite from the frizz you have been fighting.

The Process of Keratin Treatment

When you go in for a keratin treatment, your hairdresser will first shampoo your hair thoroughly before brushing the treatment onto your damp hair. After nearly 30 minutes for the treatment to work, your hair will be blow-dried or ironed in small sections to activate and seal the product. Once your entire hair is straightened out, the treatment is washed off, and your hair is re-styled as required.

What Is The Difference Between Hair Botox And Keratin?

The two most popular hair treatments, hair botox and keratin, may seem to provide similar results but differ vastly in technique, components, and main goals for the treatment.

Hair botox is a chemical-free treatment to repair frizzy, dull, and damaged hair through deep conditioning to make it soft, shiny, and healthier. Keratin treatment uses formaldehyde (and some other chemicals) to straighten your hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and smooth.

The main aim of hair botox is to repair and revitalize hair that is stressed out. Keratin treatment is mainly done for its straightening effect.

Hair botox is applied to washed hair, left for a few minutes, then washed off and styled when it comes to application. Keratin is applied to wash damp hair and straightened in sections to seal the product. Hair is washed and styled as usual in the end to complete the application process.

Hair botox treatment can be done in 1.5-2 hours, while keratin treatment takes 3 hours.

How Long Does Each Treatment Last?

Hair botox, being a natural, chemical-free treatment, lasts anywhere between 2-4 months, slightly shorter than the 4-6 months lasting of keratin treatment. How frequently you will have to go for each treatment will largely depend on the growth rate of your hair and how you maintain it after each treatment session.

Which Treatment Is Safer?

Since hair botox is a chemical-free treatment that leaves you with almost similar results as its chemical-rich counterpart, keratin, it is safe to say that the former is free of toxins and does not cause any health hazards.

Keratin is considered unsafe for expecting and lactating mothers due to its emission of toxic fumes during the application process. Hair Botox does not emit any harmful vapors and is safer.

Which Treatment Should You Go For?

To answer this question, you need to lay down your reasons for going in for the treatment.

Choose hair botox if your hair needs an uplift of strength, shine, and softness without any chemical stress.

Go for keratin if your main goal is to straighten your hair, making it more manageable for day-to-day styling.

Before deciding, it won’t harm to have a word with your hairdresser to check what might work best for your particular hair.

Hair botox or keratin, either way, be prepared to flaunt your new, luxuriously attractive hair!

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