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Hair Perm Mississauga

Hair perm might make you think of the ’80s, but with the newly available techniques and formulas, a perm can make anyone look gorgeous. From lightly waved, beachy hair to looking like you just stepped out of a hair salon after a blowout. It’s a common misconception that perm leaves hair damaged. Letting professionals like the hair technicians at Hairmasters Hair Salon take care of your hair means that it will stay as healthy as before. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking for some volume and adding a little texture. Catching the perfect wave has never been so easy!


Hair Perm

For those who would like a permanently beachy or wavy look, getting a perm is an ideal solution. Investing in a hair perm pays off, as the effects last anywhere from 2 to 4 months. Best of all, it is very low maintenance, as the best way to take care of permed hair is by simply letting it air dry - no more hairstyling!

Organic Hair Perm

Organic hair perms use only natural materials meaning the hair, as well as the environment, are protected. It is as effective as regular hair perm and lasts just a tiny bit shorter. Hairmasters Salon expert team is proficient at providing only the best, most trendy and natural organic hair perms.

Chemical straightening

Also called hair relaxing as it breaks down proteins in your hair making it smooth and silky. It is a long-lasting treatment that makes the hair perfectly straight until new hair grows out. Only experienced professionals, such as the staff at Hairmasters Hair Salon, are equipped with the knowledge to do this treatment as there is a balance to be found between how many proteins are broken down in the hair. Mississauga’s hair salon precisely calculates how long the chemicals have to stay on the hair to achieve the desired result, whereas home kits might result in a disaster that could have been easily avoided.

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  • Women's Haircut -------------- $30+

  • Men's Haircut ----------------- $20+

  • Teen's Haircut ------------------ $30+

  • Children's Haircut ------------- $15+

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